I have served on Maitland City Council for five years and I have watched as the state takes greater control over our local government. I know this is wrong, and it is citizens, working with local governments, who should be building the vision about where we live, work, and play.

The state’s assault on home rule is NOT what we want. Voters in this district want fully funded education and investments in teachers. We want our waterways protected. We want small business to be supported.

It is time to take back our government and fight for our community. This is not my campaign, it’s everybody’s.

Join me. I will work in Tallahassee and continue to bring smart balanced government back to the district.


I’ll work with educators & legislators to prioritize public education

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Affordable Health Care

Too many Floridians do not have access to affordable healthcare.

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Small Business

A legislative and family history of fighting in favor of small businesses

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I have a firm environmental record on fighting to protect wetlands.

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Sensible Gun Legislation

As the mother of three children, I worry about children’s safety. I get anxious.

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